Distributed storage


The JBox® is a French energy storage technology that has obtained several patents. It provides system services for power grids and is an essential device in the strategic field of distributed energy storage.

A JBox® is:

  • A technology that contributes to the balance and stability of the power grid
  • A sustainable solution for the intermittent nature of renewable energies
  • A distributed power storage unit entirely designed, developed and engineered in France
  • An advanced energy storage system that contributes to the local development of electric mobility, coupled with IECharge®
  • 100m2 average floor area

The JBox® in pictures

JBox + IECharge

JBox® and IECharge®, a groundbreaking partnership between distributed storage and electric mobility, patented worldwide


The JBox® contributes to the safety and stability of the power grid.”

Philippe Barbe, Executive Vice President

Do you have agricultural land for rent? Would you like to own a JBox® and help make the energy transition accessible to all?

  • Installation anywhere in France
  • 100% covered by incentives
  • Zero cost
  • Possible income depending on the agricultural land

JBox®, a solution developed by NW

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