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With its JoulEden® solution, NW strengthens its position as an actor in the field of flexibility.

As the share of renewable energies in the energy mix increases, the ability to anticipate and precisely control both the quantity of electricity injected into the grid and that being withdrawn, becomes an increasingly demanding challenge each and every day. However, the consumption and production must be identical every second, or there is a risk of destabilizing the electrical grid. Electricity aggregation makes it possible to integrate intermittent renewable energies and to manage flexibilities in the power grid, thereby contributing to its permanent balance.

This aggregation tool relies on a knowledge of the electricity markets to forecast future production, make the most of their potential and manage flexibilities as closely as possible to requirements, while optimizing costs. With JoulEden®, it is now possible to manage the intermittent nature of renewable energies and integrate them efficiently into the power grid!

NW compiles different types of energy assets located throughout France and values their potential on electricity markets. In this capacity, NW holds government and network operator authorizations to operate as an aggregator, supplier and balance responsible party.

JoulEden® is:

  • A solution to manage, optimize and make the most of NW's energy assets on the markets
  • Cutting-edge technology and in-depth knowledge of the energy market
  • A solution for efficiently integrating renewable energies into the power grid
  • 10 ministerial approvals and network operators to participate in the French electricity market
  • 380 billion data records processed per year
  • 11 billion data records processed by JBox®

We are proud to have been an aggregator since 2022 and an essential player in the development of storage, providing the best flexibility services for the benefit of the community.”

Vianney Christophe, Technical and Value Development Director

JoulEden®, a solution developed by NW

NW brings together all the market applications needed to participate effectively in electricity tenders and contribute to balancing the grid.

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