Our innovative solutions for the ecological and energy transition

Ranging from ultra-fast charging stations to renewable energy production, distributed storage, and aggregation of energy assets, all our innovative energy management and storage solutions are designed to make the energy transition accessible to all.

Agricultural land for rent

Join us in making the energy transition accessible to all, by empowering us to install our solutions on your agricultural land. We’re expanding wherever possible!


JBox® : the distributed storage unit that guarantees electrical grid stability

The JBox® is the result of multi-disciplinary expertise, a French innovation that has obtained several patents. Providing system services for power grids, it is an essential device in the strategic field of distributed energy storage.


IECharge®: your local high-power charging station

IECharge® is a high-power electric vehicle charging station, directly connected to a JBox® distributed electricity storage unit. NW's French innovation holds several world-class patents.

JBox + IECharge

JBox® and IECharge®, a groundbreaking combination of distributed storage and electric mobility.

  • JBox® and IECharge® are a groundbreaking partnership between locally available distributed storage and high-power charging solutions.

  • Each IECharge® charging station is connected to a JBox® storage unit. The energy stored in the batteries is used to power the vehicles: when charging, the power grid is thus preserved.

  • Patented worldwide, this innovation is an essential device in the fields of electricity storage and electric mobility.

  • This partnership generates a direct social impact as it spurs the use of renewable energies and the development of green mobility throughout the country.

Innovations recognized by

Renewable energies

Operator of renewable energy production plants

NW operates a number of renewable energy production plants in the French overseas territories as well as in mainland France

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Flexibility solution

JoulEden®: the flexibility solution for the energy transition

With its JoulEden® solution, NW strengthens its position as an actor in flexibility by managing the intermittency of renewable energies and integrating them efficiently into the power grid.