NW will commission its first batteries in Texas in July.

NW, the first French unicorn in energy transition and a leading force in electricity storage within France, proudly announces the commencement of its operations in Texas effective today. Through a strategic acquisition, NW has obtained an electricity storage site boasting a capacity of 10 MW / 20 MWh. By providing ancillary services and participating to the real time market on the Texas energy grid, NW is actively contributing to the ongoing energy transition.

In the state of Texas, an impressive 29% of the electricity production is attributed to wind energy, with an additional 9% harnessed from solar sources. The rapid expansion of renewable, intermittent, and decentralized energy resources requires robust storage solutions to strenghten the electrical grid’s capacity and ensure seamless synchronization between electricity production and consumption. Leveraging its extensive experience in the field of storage, NW aims to bring its cutting-edge expertise to the dynamic Texan market.

We are delighted to embark on this exciting journey, as it allows us to participate in the ERCOT market, the independent regulatory authority responsible for ensuring the reliability of the network and overseeing the Texas electricity wholesale market,” states Franck Avice, Executive Director for North America at NW. From today onward, NW is wholeheartedly immersed in the arbitration market and proudly offers a wide array of ancillary services on the Texan grid.

NW’s vision is clear, aspiring to achieve an impressive 1 GW of installed capacity by the year 2026.

This significant external growth endeavor serves to reinforce and accelerate NW’s ambitions in Texas, complementing the major partnership inked earlier in April with the American company, Links Energy. Through this partnership, NW aims to deploy numerous groundbreaking storage installations across Texas, amounting to a remarkable 1 GW by the horizon of 2026. Notably, progress is already underway, with almost one hundred MW already identified since the collaboration’s inception in April.

We are deeply honored to contribute to the stability and resilience of the Texas electrical grid“, asserts Jean-Christophe Kerdelhué, President and Founder of NW. “Our latest undertakings in Texas flawlessly align with our corporate vision: democratizing the accessibility to energy transition. At NW, we are passionate about fostering sustainable solutions and enhancing grid reliability. We take immense pride in exporting our expertise beyond national boundaries, fueling the momentum of global energy transformation”.

About NW

Since 2007, NW has been developing a range of solutions to make the energy transition accessible to all.

The first French unicorn in the energy transition, NW is the French leader in electricity storage with its JBox® distributed storage unit. NW is also a pioneer in high-power EV charging, thanks to its IECharge® technology.

As a key player in the energy transition in local communities, NW relies on a patented technology that combines distributed storage and high-power charging stations in an unprecedented way. The Group is thus contributing to the development of new energies, particularly in rural and peri-urban areas.

Through these innovative solutions, NW aims to increase the share of low-carbon energy in the electricity mix, support the stability of the grid and contribute to the development of electric mobility, both in France and internationally.

NW is part of the French Tech Next40 program. It has also been awarded the “Solar Impulse” label.