A successful first quarter for IECharge®

The European Commission recently set itself the ambitious target of rolling out at least one public electric charging station every 60 kilometers on major European roads by 2026.

A successful first quarter for French electric charging in general!

France, which posted a very good first quarter in terms of new charging points openings, is continuing its shift towards electric mobility. At the end of March, there were 95,755 public charging points in France, an increase of 66% on the previous year. In the race for new charging stations, our IECharge® solution has had a very satisfactory first quarter, with some 100 charging points rolled out!

Clément Molizon, General Delegate of Avere-France, is confident that the milestone of 100,000 public charging points in France will be reached in the next few days. What if the 100,000th charging point was an IECharge®? In line with the trend observed by Avere, the first quarter for IECharge® was marked by strong growth. While the network had only 24 charging points at the end of 2022, no fewer than 100 charging points were opened during this first quarter. The pace of development is set to accelerate in the coming months: 600 IECharge® charging points are planned by the end of 2023!

Democratizing electric charging in rural and suburban areas

  • 150 stations IECharge® are planned by the end of 2023
  • 0,30€ / kWh the most competitive charge on the market

IECharge®’s DNA is to offer ultra-fast high-power charging solutions in rural and suburban areas. Supported by NW, these local charging stations will democratize electric mobility in areas with limited charging infrastructure, by offering the lowest rate on the market at €0.30/kWh. New IECharge® stations will be opening over the next few days. Will we be recognized as France’s 100,000th charging points? While the mystery remains unsolved, one thing is certain: the IECharge® team is doing everything it can to support the development of charging infrastructures in France, and soon in the US, Europe and other countries!

Source : Avere