NW: making the
energy transition accessible
to everyone

Since 2007, NW Group has been rolling out solutions that seek to increase the share of decarbonized energies in France’s electricity mix, secure grid stability, and help develop electric mobility.

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Our strategy

  • Energy valuation

    Enhance the value of energy using infrastructure based on a combination of distributed storage and charging stations throughout France.

  • Produce

    Producing new energies, primarily in rural areas.

  • Digitalize

    Digitalizing the development, construction, and operation of our projects.

  • Offer

    We're passionate about proactively offering innovative energy solutions that are accessible to all.

NW supports the energy transition in France and abroad by developing solutions that accelerate the transition and make it more competitive.”

Jean-Christophe Kerdelhué, founder of NW

NW Storm, a subsidiary of NW

The first energy transition unicorn in France, NW Storm is the country's market leader in electricity storage and high-power charging for electric vehicles.

Innovations recognized by

  • La French Tech Next40
  • Solar Impulse
  • Greentech Innovation


JBox® is a French innovation providing ancillary services for power grid. It plays a key role in the strategic sector of distributed electricity storage.

  • 350 MW installed in mainland France
  • 275 JBox® storage units


IECharge® is a high-power charging solution for electric vehicles. Embedded in both rural and suburban areas, these charging stations are helping make electric mobility available throughout France.

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  • 15 min is all that is needed to ensure the vehicle is charged with a range of up to 300 km (depending on the model)
  • €0.30 per kWh i.e. about €15 for a full charge, the most affordable rate on the market
JBox + IECharge

JBox® and IECharge®, a groundbreaking partnership of distributed storage and electric mobility.

  • JBox® and IECharge® is an alliance between high-performance storage and high-power charging throughout France.
  • Each IECharge® charging station is connected to a JBox® storage unit. The energy stored is then used to power electric vehicles, thus safeguarding the power grid.
  • Our innovation enjoys international patent protection, and has become an essential component of the distributed electricity storage and electric mobility industry.
  • It generates a direct social impact as it spurs the use of renewable energies and development of green mobility throughout the country.

NW Energy, a subsidiary of NW

More than 35 years of experience and expertise in the energy industry working for the benefit of communities and the energy transition.

  • NW Energy develops, finances, builds, and operates photovoltaic and wind power plants.
  • 8 operating sites in mainland France and worldwide.
  • Committed to being a socially responsible partner, developing innovative projects for local authorities, businesses, and private individuals.
  • 45 MW in operation.

TiKaz®: a solution for photovoltaic buildings

  • Turnkey construction of photovoltaic farm buildings

  • 20 years experience in operating and maintaining solar panels

  • A self-financing solution - the energy generated by the solar panels funds the project

  • Environmental responsibility - a free solution that helps to protect our planet

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